I have labeled the ads and provided .pdf downloads where applicable.

Beginning February 18, 2002, images will be most recent on top and flow chronologically downward.

SEI Yellow Pages Ads (10/18/03)

The blue will be much darker in the print version of the ad.

Friendship Securities & Investments ad hi-res for compliance - click here

Rely on Friendship Credit Card Application Front Page (9/11/03)


Switch Kit (7/8/03)

"Right-click" the links to download printable .pdf file for the cover and for the inside (see below).

Banners for Parades, etc (3/13/03)

Friendship ads for Deutsch Pride and Milan Legion menus (3/1/03)

Menu Ad FIn.pdf

Menu Ad FSB.pdf

Menu Ad FSI.pdf

Friendship Insurance Printed Collateral (2/17/13)

Click to download .pdf files. The files are in black but any ink color can be used to print.

Friendship Insurance Envelope.pdf

Friendship Insurance Env-Manila.pdf

Friendship Insurance letterhead.pdf

Friendship Insurance Brochure-proof.pdf

Friendship Insurance logo-with info.eps

Friendship Insurance logo.eps

FOR WEB SITE - Friendship Insurance logo.jpg

FOR WEB SITE - Friendship Insurance with info.jpg

Incentive Cards - new version (2/17/03)

FSB incentive card back.pdf

FSB incentive card front.pdf

FSB/FI ad for REMAX Home Guide (REV-2/18/03)

REMAX-Homes Guide-0203.pdf

FSB Pulling Together ad 5x7.5"

FSB pulling 5x75.pdf

New Hoosier Outdoor Billboard for Friendship Insurance? (2/17/03)

Old Hoosier Outdoor billboard

2003 Friendship Bancorp calendar

Friendship State Bank old photo - BANK Photo.jpg

FSB Commercial Internet Banking Brochure-REV03 (9/4/02)

Note: Blue will be same color (ignore wierd color diffs on .pdf)

Download the printable LOW-RES .pdf.

LAMAR Billboard possibilities - UPDATE (8/16/02)

Friendship Bancorp logo with all 3 companies (7/11/02)

Download the Illustrator .eps file -or- .pdf file

Kid$Save color logo (7/4/02)

Tri-State Insurance Billboard Proposal (5/15/02)

Here is the 3.5"x4" ad for donor publications.(4/26/02)

Right-click and select "Save Target As" to Download the printable .pdf.

Banner ad for Chamber of Commerce CD-ROM (Revised 4/4/02)

NMLRA greyscale print ad -- note blank area on bottom for contact info.

Personal Product and Services Brochure

Billboard proposal.

Original Design---

New design--


Here's the FSI Yellow Pages ad.

Here's the NMLRA quad-fold cover.

Here is the quarter-page ad for donor publications.

Right-click and select "Save Target As" to Download the printable .pdf.

Here is the business card size ad for donor publications.

Right-click and select "Save Target As" to Download the printable .pdf.

Here is the Tri-State Insurance bi-fold brochure.