Four-Sep Publications published First Class lit-mag from 1996-2011. Well-regarded in the small press world of print magazines, it was put on hiatus after the publication of issue 35 in November, 2010.


As this site develops, all issues of First Class will be available as a free-download pdf file. Several are up right now, and more will pop up as I finish up the site. I will also have a way to purchase print copies for the small-press collectors out there (you can contact me at any time through the "contact" tab).


Four-Sep also produced nearly 100 chap books from a wide variety of independent authors. The first of these was Prying, which included previously unpublished material from Charles Bukowski, Jack Micheline, and Catfish McDaris. These will eventually be available for order as well, so check back as this site develops.


Four-Sep published several books by noted Indiana historian Alan Smith, which will appear on this site as I continue to add content.


Four-Sep is currently developing a print version of the book, To The Land! The pre-press quality PDF eBook is available now right here.


This site is under constant revision and is currently a placeholder, as the previous website was about as out-dated as a site can be. We have a Facebook page, and I am easy to reach via the "contact" tab. Please bear with me as this page and projects develop.



Christopher M.