Fatal Plad
1988 Demo From Hell

This is a 2-man metal barrage from the melted minds of Milwaukee boys left alone for a weekend with a Tascam Porta-4, a drum kit, guitar, bass and a few microphones. All songs written and performed in a 36-hour span in a basement on the South Side....

2 Minutes in Hell - Satan in his Lazy-Boy lights up a smoke / Grabs his pitchfork and gives me a poke....

Dimorphous - Going through Dimorphous is quite a fucking ride

Egolomaniac - Leggo my Ego!

Nonexistance - You'll exist no more, when Bear and Eagle war / Look into the sky, we all know we'll die

Pale and Bruised - Your addiction makes me sick / You are so damn weak

The Joker - Pure rocking instrumental dedicated to the world's finest psychopath

Witches - Witches with green hair / Witches in their underwear